General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


 As customers of Sealy MacWheely there are occasional times whereby certain data about you may be held, such as your name, email address, postal address and telephone number.

This is a brief overview explaining everything you might need to know about how this data might be collected, stored and used. If you have any further questions, however, please feel free to contact me.

Please note that the terms ‘information’ and ‘data’ refer solely to contact details. At no time do I gain access to your financial information when payments are taken via either PayPal online or iZettle at markets and festivals. All sensitive financial information is securely sent directly to the processing companies and is never shared with either myself or any other third party.

How do I collect information?

My mailing list is managed using MailChimp which operates on an opt-in policy, should you wish to be kept up to date with news of events, workshops and blog posts you can sign up to my newsletter here and via my website and social media pages. If you wish to unsubscribe from the mailing list you can do so through a link found at the bottom of every email.

I have a Contact Me page on my website which will ask for both name and email in order for me to respond to any bookings, queries or requests. This data is used solely for this purpose unless expressed permission is granted by yourself to be added to an unrelated mailing list.

When purchasing from Sealy MacWheely online, either in my Etsy shop or through an invoiced custom order, I receive sufficient data to allow me to process the order such as email address and postal address for shipping purposes. I do not add this data to any mailing lists or save your information elsewhere.

If purchasing from Sealy MacWheely in person, at a market or festival, the sale will be recorded through the company, iZettle. The application used will give you the opportunity to receive a digital copy of your receipt by either email or phone number, this data is not visible to myself and is not added to any mailing lists.

I used WordPress to create my website and although I do not have any cookies enabled (except for a spam filter plugin), by default WordPress may use cookies. For more information about cookies and how they work click here.

Who has access to your information?

Me, me and only me. I am currently a sole trader with no employees and therefore no one else has access to my records – Brownies’ honour your details will never, ever be shared (NB. I took the Brownies very seriously).

As I use MailChimp to manage my mailing list I store details on their servers, more details about their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be found by clicking on the relevant links.

If you pay me using either iZettle or PayPal they will hold information about you. More details about their own privacy policies can be found here: iZettle Privacy Policy, PayPal Privacy Policy.

How do I use your information?

On occasion I may send out newsletters to those who have subscribed to my mailing list via my website or social media page. These might be on a variety of topics, such as:

– Upcoming Events including but not limited to: Workshops; Spinning Get-togethers; Festivals and Markets
– New Blog Posts (these are few and far between despite my annual New Years resolutions!)
– Exciting News and Updates
– Promotions and new additions to my range

If you have completed my Contact Me form on my website please expect a response using the contact information that you have provided. If you do not wish to provide your email address in this manner you can also contact me via social media such as my Facebook Messenger and Instagram pages.

I save the names and contact data of workshop and one-to-one attendees in advance of classes (see below for more details)

How do I store your information?

Details of members who have signed up to my mailing list are stored on Mailchimp’s secure servers.

I store the contact details of upcoming workshop attendees and one-to-one students on a password protected spreadsheet. This spreadsheet allows me to see, at a glance, who to expect at each workshop/class and their relevant contact details in case of a change of circumstances (such as location change).

I generally provide a pre- and post-workshop brief in the form of an email which I send to my students with details on how to find the location, reconfirm timings, my own contact information for emergencies and links to an anonymous feedback form. These briefs are usually sent via Mailchimp although the contact details are never added to my newsletter mailing list without consent and are removed from Mailchimp following the workshop/class.

Your rights

You can ask me at any time to disclose what information I may hold about you, and I will give you full details free of charge. You also have the right to ask that your details be deleted, amended or transferred. If you ever change your mind about what information, if any, you want me to hold on your behalf, just contact me.



(Last Updated: 25/05/18)