Halò mo chàirdean,

I just wanted to write a quick update to let you know what is happening with Sealy MacWheely over the upcoming summer months (hopefully the sun will return to the west coast soon so it feels a little more seasonal!). It’s been a busy few weeks of spinning and socialising with a week away back in the East Midlands visiting old friends and family and now that I am back in Kirky I am hoping to get my nose back to the grindstone as I have a lot to prepare for!

Serendipitously, so it seems, I have managed to coincide this summer jump start with the beginning of 2017s Tour de Fleece, the annual spinning challenge running in conjunction with the world IMG_4423famous cycle race. Given that I have missed out on every previous year (despite my best intentions), I am determined to make it to the finish line with my head held high! Although I haven’t joined any official teams I shall be updating my progress regularly via Instagram and in doing so I hope to get at least an hours spinning completed daily between now and the 23rd July. Given that I am just 150g into a 1kg custom order of hand spun Black Welsh Mountain yarn destined to become a beautiful aran jumper, I am hoping the challenge will give me the impetus and momentum to complete this task as well as spin up a few art yarns in between skeins to help keep the creative juices flowing.

In other news I had a wonderfully busy month of June with my first day behind the till at Mugdock Makkers being taught the ropes by the lovely Lucy Jackson – words cannot describe the range and sheer talent of the works contained within those walls and I still get fuzzy, happy feelings in my belly at the thought of being welcomedMugdock Makkers into this cooperative of makers, crafters and artists. My next day in the shop will be on the 21st of July and again on the 21st August but a range of my hand spun yarns, mawatas and woven items are available for sale seven days a week between 11am and 5pm, located in the courtyard of Mugdock Country Park (not far from Milngavie and about 10 miles North West of Glasgow).

In addition to this I was delighted to introduce my first student since moving to Glasgow to the art of spinning on both drop spindle and spinning wheel a couple of weeks ago. I for one had a fantastic afternoon and I am more than a little proud of how well and quickly Natasha’s skills have progressed, as suspected I think she is now down the rabbit hole and may soon be on the look out for her first wheel!

Talking about wheels, I have a new addition to my clan! Meet Ariadne, my beautiful Ashford Traveller (see above) who I was lucky enough to pick up en route from Derby to Glasgow on Friday. She is my first double drive wheel which might be a slight challenge initially but having brought her with me to this months Milngavie Makers Market I am besotted by her already and love how easy she is to transport – her biggest admirers (the kids who stare at her with wide eyes full of fascination) are also taking to her double treadles and stockier build. Seònaid, my Traddy, is now my stay at home production wheel and no longer has to suffer being squeezed into the back seat of my car on a monthly basis which is a relief!

Unfortunately due to issues with greedy booking it is looking as though next months Milngavie Makers Market is going to be cancelled, which is heartbreaking news for many of us (particularly myIMG_4397 sister and I whose social lives literally revolve around this market) however, in more exciting news I can now officially announce that I have been accepted as a vendor at Loch Ness Knit Fest 2017! As well as stocking a range of my handmade items I shall also be demonstrating how to spin and giving out crash courses on the drop spindle – I am already counting down the days and can’t wait to take part in my first festival, and in such a beautiful part of the world to boot! Tickets are available on sale via the Knit Fest website and weekend admission costs just £15, there’s also a huge array of workshops available at very reasonable prices and the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about wool and knitting!

And on that note I have a lot of spinning to do, I’d best get back to it!

Le torr mòr ghaoil,

Katie x





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